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Founder, Senior Managing Director en CEO

Roland graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering, became a systems architect and designed many solutions for industrial automation challenges. Over time he has developed a senior role as project manager and department manager, in which he had to manage and lead several employees. He was responsible for projects up to 60 million euro’s for companies as Siemens, Gasunie en South Stream.

In 2010, after 26 years in paid employment, Roland started his first business. He now owns of 4 companies and a foundation.

In April 2016 Roland founded an International Business Club called ‘Intelligent Millionaires Network Netherlands‘. In line with his foundation ‘Pia Fidelis’, which means ‘Loyal and Committed’, it is Roland’s mission to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional network that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

As a result of his own quest for ways to grow and leverage his capital, he has shifted his focus from engineering to financial services. In order to get the required skills, Roland teamed up with knowledgeable and successful international partners specialized in finance optimization. Together they’ve developed several investment products that are characterized by high returns with a low risk profile. The philosophy is simple; they only invest when all risk mitigating conditions are met.

In order to make sure each and every product is safe and profitable and to understand every detail, Roland personally participates first with his own capital before offering it to other investors. And to make sure the quality is consistent Roland continues to participate in every project.

With his business and investing skills Roland wants to offer financial independence so that his clients can enjoy their lives with their loved ones.

Since founding MM Global Movies, Roland has been involved in the firm’s organization and management as CEO, as well as the development of its products

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Roland Mustert


Founder, Senior Managing Director en CCO

“Live everyday of your life” is Inge’s life motto. She is a high achiever and has been following education all her life to become the best in whatever she has put her mind to. By setting her goals clear and working devoted and determined towards those, in the years she has built up a wide variety of skillset and life experience that she now uses in public speaking, mediation, coaching and training. Internationally inspiring others to get the best out of themselves and their lives.

Inge developed her entrepreneurial and leadership skills over the years, starting in 1997 by successfully giving in-house trainings next to her job as a (project) manager. In 2009 Inge founded Mous Mediation, Training en Advies. A company specialized in intervening in conflicts, for business professionals and governmental departments like the Rabobank, the ASZ (Albert Schweizer Hospital), the CDA (Christian Democrats) as well as for private individuals. As a certified mediator Inge worked in cooperation with the Court of Rotterdam.

In 2010 she became politically active for the Christian Democrats. In 2014 she had enough preference votes to earn her own seat in the city council in the 23rd biggest city in The Netherlands. She developed to be involved in different committees like the Drechtraad (Council of 6 different municipalities), the VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities) and being the chairman in several commissions.

Nowadays next to her political work Inge owns and runs 5 companies, foundation Pia Fidelis and is founder of an International Business Club ‘Intelligent Millionaires Network Netherlands’. She believes that with the right financial education and opportunities, if people work together everybody can have a piece of the pie. She uses her inspiring, teaching and investing talents, to educate her clients and offers them financial opportunities so that they can gain the wealth they deserve.

Since founding MM Global Movies, Inge has been involved in setting up the firm’s marketing and communication structure.

Inge Mous


Financial specialist and advisor film productions

Charlie is a recognized Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and is one of the foremost authorities on tax planning and mitigation. His clients include professional athletes, entertainers, healthcare professionals, internet marketers and other successful closely held business owners.

Unlike most CPA’s who focus on compliance issues and have a historical emphasis, Charlie is best known for the tax savings he is able to achieve for his clients through constant planning, coaching and ongoing guidance.

Charlie began his career in the late 80’s at Big Four national accounting firm Ernst and Young. He holds an MBA from the College of William and Mary, along with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Virginia Tech. He is a highly recognized author and a regular speaker at financial and investment workshops throughout the country.

Since 2011 Charlie is the CFO of the JT Foxx organisation and has since build a network of specialists and acquired thorough knowledge of financing methods in the movie making industry in both USA and UK.

Charlie Dombek


Mission statement

We strongly belief in the powre of sharing and the power of cooperation and have a severe dislike of risk and injustice.

For that reason we want to share our experience and share the investment possbility that we've found and developped.

Our company MM Global Movies sets out to create win-win scenarios in which everyone profits.