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Successful investing,

even in times of economic crisis

Our experience, our quest and start of the company

Our experience

When we started our own business several years ago we quickly realized that we were going to fall short on our pension in the future and would have to continue working till at least the age of 70. Not a very alluring idea. We’ve seen couples where the wife was 16 years younger than the husband and by the time she reached the age of retirement he died.

Recently we were in a restaurant in Atlanta GA USA. The lady that waited our table was at least 75 years old. With insufficient funds to retire, she had no choice than to work till the end of her life. We were shocked! Someone that age should be taking care of her grandchildren. 

Therefore we’d rather retire at 60.
However, with the money in the pension fund and the money we’ve saved over the years it is not possible to cover many years of retirement, given an life expectancy of 80. So what to do?

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Our quest

We have investigated and tried several options.


Results of interest rates on savings accounts and inflation combined are in fact negative. In other words the value of saving become less and less. And it gets even worse, banks are already starting to charge a fee for managing savings accounts.


What about trading on the stock exchange. The stock exchange can be very dynamic and unpredictable and requires knowledge and expertise. Remember 2008. Even stock exchange guru Warren Buffet has lost millions last year. And at the beginning of 2016, when the stock market was more or less back at the levels of 2008, there was another sharp decline. We’ve made some money and lost some money. Although there are people that consistently make money on the exchange, we decided it is not the right strategy for us.  

Real estate

How about the property market? We've had extensive training and we've tried to operate in the Britisch property market, only quickly to find out that it is virtually impossible to be successful in that market without being on the ground and having a large network. In all we found that spending a lot of time in the UK, building a network is an investment in time and money that may in the end and lead to a yearly average rturn of around 8%. An interesting strategy, however still not ideal.

The alternative

What we needed was information, therefore we teamed up with international experts in ournetwork. They revealed to us the world of alternative investments and this is what we found:

The international film industry is and has been an economy and market adverse industry. Statistics show that when economy goes down even more people go to the cinema, just to briefly escape from their daily reality. Because of this the risk involved in investing in the film industry is lower. Of course there are plenty of remaining aspects that determine whether a film is successful or not. However, with the right knowledge these aspects can be circumvented and the investment results can be made independent of the film’s overall success. It is even possible to successfully invest in a film that eventually turns out to be a total failure in the cinemas.

And here is fun part: This is not just about small films with an unknown cast. It includes international films with famous actors such as Silvester Stallone, Robert de Niro, Russell Crowe, Leslie Mann, Danny DeVito, Jennifer Garner or Kevin Spacey!

A track record of over 25 projects since 2012 shows this a profitable way of investing. To make sure it is not too good to be true we’ve participated ourselves in 4 projects and the results exceeded our expectations!

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The start of MM Global Movies

About 1 year after we've started inevsting with our own private capital, we came to the conclusiong that this was and is a very solid and realiable way to build up capital. We then decided to open up this niche and make it accessible to other investors.

In October 2016 we launched a crowdfunding project with the help of Symbid (take a look at the promo at the right hand side of the page). in just under 4 weeks this generated sufficient capital set up the company seed investments. 

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