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Movies are FUN to FUND!
Successfully Investing in Films

Asset Backed Entertainment Financing
The Profitable Niche

Invest wisely!

STOP losing money!

Money in the bank becomes less and less.
There are alternative ways that can make your capital grow rather thank shrink

STOP gambling!

Invest wisely, don't gamble.
Diversify your portfolio with products that have a different risk/reward ratio.

STOP doing it all by yourself!

Why struggle to find good investments all by yourself and get burned along the way, while we can do that for you, totally hands-off?

The solution is much closer than it seems.

Invest using a proven strategy that eliminates almost all risk elements.

Ever considered one or more of the following?

  • What is a good investment:
    I'd like my money to work for me, preferrably with a nice return and low risk. Where can I find such opportunity?
  • How to make my investment portfolio less sensitive to market economy:

    I realize that economy driven market swings affect my investment result, therefore I'd like to add a stable factor to improve the overall risk / reward ratio.

  • Interest rates:

    In the past I received 4-6% interest on my savings accounts but not any longer, even worse, I now have to pay for having those saving accounts. What are the alternatives?

  • Liquidity:

    I'm looking for a risk evasive way to invest but don't want my capital to be tied down for many years.

  • Retirement funds for entrepreneurs:

    I am a business owner / self-employed and have made no or insufficient reservations for future retirement, therefore I'm looking for ways to build up capital.

  • Childrens future:
    I want to build up capital for my children to continue their study after graduating from high school, pay for their wedding or help them buy a house.

MM Global Movies offers:

Short term investments that allow our clients to quickly regain their capital

Unique risk-reduction-system, using assets for additional security and as an extra backup.
Track record proves the system is working.
In all 6 years and over 30 projfect not a single failure!

Founders are investing their private capital too and are therefore motivated to achieve maximum results

Results similar to real estate but without all the extra hassle and work


The solutions is a lot closer than it seems!

MMGM Investment Products


  • Minimum duration: none
  • Result: 6% + 2% bonus
  • Minimum participation:
    Business €10.000
    Private  €100.000


  • Minimum duration: 1 year
  • Target result: Flex + 2%
  • Minimum participation:
    Business €10.000
    Private  €100.000


(professional investors only)

  • Tailormade product
  • Please contact us for an appointment and to find an optimal solution

Movies are FUN to FUND !

Our goal is to add a fun element to investing capital by developping special fun activities.

How about going to a film premiere, a film festival, or looking around on a filmset?

Or even play a small part in a production with celebrity actors?